On-Site Cyber Security

Virus scanners don't catch everything! Our trusted cyber security technicians will come to you to conduct an in-depth threat analysis, vulnerability assessment, firewall review, port scan, and virus/malware removal to bring your PC to peak performance!


User-Friendly Training

Supernova technicians are knowledgeable on the latest trends and technologies and can provide you and your team with a strong, confident understanding of how to apply cyber etiquette to your home or workplace through our user-friendly, down to earth training methods. 

Website Development

Have a business idea or just need help creating a platform to start selling the products you're passionate about? Let Supernova help you design the best website for you to promote your business, products, and ideas!

Trusted Service

Supernova Cyber Systems has a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. We want to earn your business and your friendship.